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A recent focus of the lab has been to pursue a novel approach developed by Dr. Boes to investigate the network effects of focal brain lesions.  This approach, termed lesion network mapping, combines the traditional approach of localizing a lesion syndrome to an anatomical location, but explores not only the lesion location but also the networks associated with that lesion site by using normative functional connectivity data from the human connectome project.

Dr. Boes also directs the Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Clinical Program at the University of Iowa. Another focus of the lab is to use advanced imaging techniques in conjunction with neuromodulation to better understand the therapeutic mechanisms of brain stimulation, including transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of depression. The Iowa Neuroscience Institute highlights this work and others as a core area of Brain Stimulation / Neuromodulation research at the University of Iowa.

The ultimate aim of the research program is to better understand how dysfunctional networks contribute to neurological and psychiatric symptoms and use this information to design novel therapies using noninvasive brain stimulation to target these dysfunctional networks.


Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

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Lab Features

Here are some of the cool articles written about our research!


Rewriting the brain pathway for consciousness

With a finding that will “rewrite neuroanatomy textbooks,” University of Iowa neurologist Aaron Boes, MD, PhD, and his colleagues show that the thalamus is not a critical part of the brain pathway involved in keeping humans awake and conscious.


Injury to Brain Networks associated with Depression

A new study that links the location of brain injury to levels of depression in patients following the injury has identified two distinct brain networks; one associated with increased depression symptoms and one associated with decreased depression symptoms. The large-scale study led by researchers with University of Iowa Health Care expands on previous findings and suggests that these brain networks might be potential targets for neuromodulation therapies to treat depression.


Addiction and the Brain

In the new study, researchers including Aaron Boes, MD, PhD, UI associate professor of pediatrics and neurology, studied daily smokers who lost their nicotine addiction following a brain lesion. Although the location of the lesions that led to loss of addiction varied from patient to patient, by mapping all the lesions onto a global brain connectivity map, the team was able to identify a specific network of brain regions associated with addiction.

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Our Grad Student, Alyssa matched at her first choice, MGH-Harvard for her internship! 

February 2023

Congrats to Jamie and Jax! Jamie successfully defended her comps project this morning Jax who got his first post-doc offer!

January 2023

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